Greg (Big Dog) Young
and his Navion, the
Rescue Waggin'

Everyone should have a passion and mine is aviation. I love to fly, build and restore aircraft. My education is as an Aeronautical Engineer. In the past I've worked for Boeing and Texas International/ Continental Airlines. For the past 20 years I've been a principal of C/S Solutions, a computer consultancy. Being semi-retired now, I spend my time messing about with airplanes. I'm a Board member of the American Navion Society. I'm also active with the Houston Wing of the CAF helping restore their L-17 Navion, flying and maintaining the HW aircraft and participating in fly-overs. I love to fly formation and am a FAST Lead thru JLFC. Ny Navion gets flown all over the country attending shows like Oshkosh and Sun N Fun, formation clinics, Navion gatherings and local fly-ins

Feel free to browse the site and see my past, present and future toys, project status and trip reports.

Get in touch

If we share similar interests, feel free to get in touch with me via social media (see page header or footer) or the phone and email below
(281) 844-0987

My hangar location

David Wayne Hooks Memorial Airport (KDWH) - Hangar M-9
8332 Thora Lane, Hangar M-9 Spring, TX 77379
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