75% Corsair Replica

This is my dream project. The Corsair is my favorite aircraft but without winning the lottery, one I will never afford. So a replica is closest I will come to owning one. Unlike the P-51, there are no replica kits or even plans for the Corsair. I'm an ex-Aero Engineer and have built 2 RV-6s going full scratch built isn't totally crazy. Various engines and sizes were considered but the final choice was based on the Vedeneyev M14P, 400 HP engine. A fuselage scaling of 75% allowed both the engine and me to fit nicely. The wing area will be ~65% to get the aerodynamics to work. Initial sizing analysis has been performed and a cockpit mock-up constructed. The detail design will be done completely in 3D CAD using SolidWorks.

Size and Performance estimates:

  •  Gross Weight - 2600 lbs
  •  Wing Span - 27 ft
  •  Length - 23 ft
  •  Spinner Height in 3-point attitude - 6' 1"
  •  Tail Height in 3-point attitude - 7' 9"
  •  Rate of Climb - 3300 fpm
  •  Max Cruise - 230 kts
  •  Normal Cruise - 200 kts

These estimates compare favorably with the Radial Rocket and Bear 360 aircraft, both 2-place aircraft powered with the M14P.

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