Rearwin Cloudster N25456

This is a 1940 Rearwin Cloudster. It has 3 seats with the rear seat facing sideways. The original Ken Royce engine has been replaced with a 125 hp Warner Scarab. The engine is a "greaser" that needs a grease gun to lube the rocker arms every 5 hours or so. I fell in love with the airplane when my IA started the restoration some time ago. I bugged him for years wanting first dibs if he ever wanted to part with it and got my wish in 2018. There is one wing yet to be covered with everything else done through silver. The engine runs with good oil pressure but will need rings. The cowling had some damage and will need metal work along with a few other panels. I'm hoping for less than a year to finish the restoration once I'm able to start on it. 

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